7 Tips for Using Engaging Video Content To Market Successfully

Video is an effective medium for delivering engaging content, whether for the purpose of information dissemination, providing entertainment, education, or marketing. No longer is it considered optional for marketers, but instead it is an essential tool to be added to the arsenal of marketing paraphernalia, that combined, can produce effective campaigns across platforms. The effectiveness of video in marketing can be optimized if some distinct rules are followed. The aim is to grab the attention of the viewers, keep them interested long enough to deliver a message, and convince them to take action. So what makes a video engaging, and what keeps viewers glued to their screens? Is it a beautiful set with interesting props; or is it the story upon which the production is based? In this article I will give you 7 tips that will guide you in creating successful and effective videos for marketing.

1. Tell a Story

Do not be overtly salesy, instead focus on a story. A successful video tells a story. Before the emergence of social media, one had to book an ad spot on popular TV channels. It was more difficult then, to intimately know your audience and create a laser targeted message for them. Social media, however provides the tools to get up close and personal with your audience, to learn about and understand their pain points and know what they enjoy best. With relatively little resources and expense you now have the capability to know your audience so well that you will be able to create relevant messages to reach them directly. Your video should tell a concise and cohesive story that is relevant to your target audience. In some cases this may mean creating several videos, as each one will be designed to target a different demographic. Videos that seem to focus only on sales without a compelling story may ultimately have low viewership and engagement. The story should connect with the audience and include a call-to-action at the end of the video.

2. Create a Stimulating Title

A stimulating title goes a long way to attract viewers to click on your video. It should be eye -catching and relevant to what a viewer is searching for. Additionally, using relevant
keywords will ensure your video ranks well in the search engines.

3. Start with a Bang!

Make the first ten seconds of the video be the best ever. Why? Remember how an email with a boring subject line puts you off, the same applies to videos. People are more likely to click
away from a video within 10 seconds if they are not engaged, therefore, try to spark your audience’ curiosity within this time frame. You can do this simply by asking a question or using a teaser hook.

4. Don’t be Boring

A boring video is a complete turn-off and will affect the success of your video marketing. Avoid producing a video that explicitly only aims to drive sales. Place yourself in the position of a viewer and ask yourself the question, what would I want to see? Your viewers may want a video that makes them laugh, or a video that evokes emotions and helps them forget about their
realities. If you can achieve any of these objectives, then your video won’t be deemed boring.

5. Educate Your Audience

Most people are visual learners. You can tap into this by educating your audience through videos. For example, you can create a video that guides your viewers on how to use your
products. This way, you add value to their lives and can potentially collect essential leads at the same time.

6. Ensure Access is Mobile Friendly

The world has already gone mobile. This is why your video should be accessible through a smartphone and tablet. Platforms such as Youtube make this seamless, however if, and when uploading your videos elsewhere online, consider the user experience on mobile devices for access to your video content.

7. Include the URL of Your Business

Displaying your web address on your marketing videos is crucial to generating traffic to your website. A good time to display it is towards the end of the video, as a call-to-action.


Video marketing is here to stay, and it will only get more diverse as an increasing number of marketers begin to utilize video in their campaigns. Among trends becoming more popular in video marketing is 360-degree video. This video format is designed to give the viewer a more immersive experience, with the freedom to look around as if he were physically in a particular location. This is excellent for real estate agents, rental agents, Airbnb hosts, the hospitality industry in general, and even automotive sales representatives. More advanced video formats such as Virtual Reality deliver an even more true-to-life experience with a higher degree of immersion and viewer/user interactivity.

To obtain the best results from your video marketing efforts, follow the guidelines above, continue to experiment on your own, and innovate as you are inspired to, or as it becomes necessary.

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