About Me

Hi, I’m Kim-Dave. I’ve loved technology all my life and have spent over 16 years in the Electrical Power industry. I’ve also, always loved great design, and long been intrigued by the power and influence of media. In 2015 I completed a passion project I had been working on for over a year—this was the fabrication of a semi transparent LED screen. I got the idea for this project while doing research for a paper, as I was then pursuing a degree in Digital Media Production. On completion of this project, I realized I was faced with a new challenge, and that was figuring out how to promote the product to garner sales. I then had to learn a whole different side to the business—marketing, an aspect I hadn't really focused on before, but as it turned out, that was the most important area if I was to get anywhere. This experience set me on a whole new path—to master online marketing and share my knowledge and skills along the way. Grwth Hack—started in 2018, is a repository of FREE online marketing tips, tweeks, & hacks; and is great for you if you're looking to up your game in online marketing and customer acquisition to explode your business growth.


Stay Motivated.