Hi, I’m Kim-Dave. I’ve loved technology all my life and have spent over 16 years in the Electrical Power industry. I’ve also, always loved great design, and long been intrigued by the power and influence of media. In 2015 I completed a passion project I had been working on for over a year—this was the fabrication of a semi transparent LED screen. I got the idea for this project while doing research for a paper, as I was then pursuing a degree in Digital Media Production. On completion of this project, I realized how difficult it was to get word out about the product. Dependence on Search Engine Optimization was slow and time consuming—I didn’t have the patience, and accelerating my marketing efforts meant focusing on search and social media ads. However, I wanted better targeted exposure to audiences that were predisposed to what I had to offer. This led to a search for a more efficient way to reach people who were already actively looking for a solution like mine.

Fast forward to today, Grwth Hack—started in 2018, delivers just that. Our primary service is helping you reach your targeted audience through Digital ROI Marketing. Through getting your business wide online exposure on multiple high authority sites, we focus on bringing you, quality, qualified leads who are predisposed to your solutions.

Grwth Hack can only work with a limited number of companies at a time, so if you’re interested in working with us, click here to answer a few quick questions to help us get to know each other better, so we can both decide up front if we’re a good fit.

Stay Motivated.